One-Pot Teabag

Ready to save you when help is needed.

A great ally at busy times.

One-Pot Teabag

  • 1 bag
  • 300ml
  • boiling hot water
  • 2 min.

Gyokuro, sencha, genmaicha, hojicha: Boiling hot water, 300ml, 2 min. (with chilled water: 300ml, 20 min.)

Mugicha: Boiling hot water, 1L, 10 min. (with chilled water: 1L, 1 hour)

Iribancha: Boiling hot water, 400ml, 5 min.

How/when to enjoy it?

  • At the dining table, and at barbecues or camping sites.
  • As long as you have good water, you can prepare tea anywhere.