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Ippodo's origins date back three centuries to the year 1717, when Rihei Watanabe established a shop called Omiya to sell tea and ceramics. In 1846, the shop was renamed Ippodo, which literally means “preserve one.” The name came from Prince Yamashina, who enjoyed Ippodo tea and wanted the shop to preserve one tradition: providing high quality tea. Ippodo continues to adapt as times change, but has remained devoted to high quality Japanese tea ever since.

History of Ippodo



Japanese tea does more than simply quench your thirst. It can calm you and restore a sense of peace. Taking a break to prepare and enjoy Japanese tea by yourself or with a friend may seem trivial, but it makes your everyday life richer and more fulfilling. Japanese tea is at its best when bought in small amounts and consumed soon after opening. To give as many customers as possible the opportunity to obtain high quality tea at a convenient location, Ippodo tea is now available at over one hundred stores throughout Japan.



An invitation to have tea together can sound like music to the ears. Suggesting “time for tea” works well in all sorts of situations—for a refreshing change of pace, or to just chat or catch up with old friends. It’s a time to rest and unwind while enjoying properly brewed Japanese tea. Come and savor this special time at our tearoom at the main store in Kyoto or our Tokyo Marunouchi Store.



Even one slight change to how Japanese tea is prepared can alter the way it tastes. Workshops held every month teach the appeal and allure of Japanese tea. Learn the basics of how to prepare it, as well as various ways to incorporate Japanese tea into your life.

Company profile

Company name

Ippodo Tea Co., Ltd.




April 1982


Masakazu Watanabe

Head Office

52 Tokiwagi-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-0915 Google Maps
Tel: +81-75-211-3421
Fax: +81-75-241-0153


10 million yen


Processing, manufacture and sale of premium Japanese green tea from Kyoto.


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Main customers

Department stores throughout Japan