Ippodo Travel Flask (120ml)
Ippodo Travel Flask (120ml)
Ippodo Travel Flask (120ml)
Ippodo Travel Flask (120ml)
Ippodo Travel Flask (120ml)

Small bottle for times when sips are all you need

Limited supply

Ippodo Travel Flask (120ml)



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  • * Due to limited supply, sale of this item will end once supplies run out.

Perfect for sipping
A great little companion
when you're traveling light.

Rich, mellow Japanese teas like matcha and gyokuro are very satisfying one sip at a time. We recommend filling this bottle with a Japanese tea with deep flavour, and savouring it one sip at a time, like you would Japanese sake. The surface of the bottle is adorned with eight “tea drinking buddies” dancing in a row, high on Japanese tea. You can almost hear their cha-cha-cha rhythm.

A small bottle that's just right
for little sips to keep from getting dry

This bottle can be carried around like people once carried a small flask of whiskey. Just slip it into your bag, coat, or pocket, and you're ready to go. It may not hold enough tea to quench your thirst, but even a small amount is very handy to keep from getting dry.

  • Put this “sipping” bottle in your bag or pocket every day!

    Enjoy seeing the row of "tea drinking buddies" dancing around your "sipping" bottle.

  • Get high on rich cold-brewed gyokuro

    Put 10g of gyokuro tea leaves in a kyusu, add chilled water, and wait about 30 minutes. Then, savour it slowly.

  • Ippodo Travel Flask (120ml)
  • - Box size : W5.0 x D5.0 x H14.0 cm
  • - Capacity : 120 ml
  • - Weight : 113 g
  • - Dimensions : Dia.4.5 x H13.1 cm
  • - Heat-retaining effect : 44°C
  • - Cold-retaining effect : 12°C
  • - Manufacturer : POKETLES(DESIGN WORKS ANCIENT) in Japan
  • - Made in : China
  • - Dishwasher safe? : No
  • - Bleach OK? : No
  • - Microwave safe? : No
  • Material :
    - Bottle (body) & Lid (outside): Stainless steel
    - Lid (inside): Polypropylene
    - Packing: Silicone rubber
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