Matcha To-Go Packets (2g x 10 packets)
Matcha To-Go Packets (2g x 10 packets)
Matcha To-Go Packets (2g x 10 packets)
Matcha To-Go Packets (2g x 10 packets)

Handy single serving sticks that are easy to carry around

Matcha To-Go Packets (2g x 10 packets)



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How does it taste?

A well-balanced taste that is easy to drink, and goes well with all sweets. The individual packaging is convenient, too.

How/when to enjoy it?

When you want to drink matcha on a picnic or while travelling, or when you’re normally a coffee drinker but sometimes feel like having matcha.

What to enjoy it with?

Pour a stick and cold water into your travel flask and shake to make Shaken Matcha. Or sprinkle it over vanilla ice cream to make matcha ice cream.

How do Ippodo staff enjoy it?

Give it as a present to friends who aren’t familiar with matcha, together with baked sweets.

  • Strength
    Light/easy to drink Rich/satisfying
  • Taste
    Bitter/sharp Sweet/umami
  • Fragrance
    Mild Fragrant/aromatic
How to Prepare

Matcha in a cup or glass

  •   2g
  •   60ml
  •   15 sec.

- Empty 1 stick (2 g) into cup.
- Add 60 ml of hot or cold water.
- Mix with whisk or spoon.

Matcha in a travel flask

  •   2g
  •   200ml
  •   Cold

- Empty 1 stick (2 g) into travel flask.
- Add 200 ml of cold water.
- Close flask and shake.
If you don’t drink it immediately, shake again before drinking.

  • Matcha To-Go Packets (2g x 10 packets)
  • Size of Package : W16.6 x D1.5 x H10.0 cm
  • Net Weight : 20 grams (2 grams/packet x 10 packets)
  • Ingredients : Green tea(Japan)
  • Shelf Life : 180 days
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2 reviews
  • Rhoda
    TOP Review
    June 24, 2023 at 12:11 am

    Perfect size for travel, cute packaging, I wish they added the name of the type of matcha used, overall wonderful!
    It worked great with my sister taking it with her to uni, and for me to share it with friends who are interested in matcha as mini samples to try on their own too!

    1 customers said they found it helpful
  • Waad
    TOP Review
    November 30, 2021 at 6:05 pm

    Unforgettable taste, I will order it every purchase. Respect From Saudi Arabia

    0 customers said they found it helpful