Ippodo Travel Bottle (355ml)
Ippodo Travel Bottle (355ml)
Ippodo Travel Bottle (355ml)
Ippodo Travel Bottle (355ml)
Ippodo Travel Bottle (355ml)
Ippodo Travel Bottle (355ml)
Ippodo Travel Bottle (355ml)
Ippodo Travel Bottle (355ml)
Ippodo Travel Bottle (355ml)

Convenient for carbonated drinks as well as tea

Limited supply

Ippodo Travel Bottle (355ml)



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  • * Due to limited supply, sale of this item will end once supplies run out.

Standard-sized bottle allows you
to take long draughts.

This standard-sized 355ml bottle allows you to take long draughts, fits easily into your bag, and only weighs about 600g when full, making it easy to carry. Even if you drink it up while outside, you're still set, because all you have to do to prepare a fresh batch of cold-brewed tea is to put cold water purchased outside and a teabag you previously stashed in your bag into the bottle.

It also accommodates
carbonated drinks!

Another good feature is the special cap that allows you to also enjoy carbonated drinks cold while you're out and about. The bottle is obviously great for helping you to stay hydrated in hot weather, and, of course, it also keeps hot drinks hot when you want to warm yourself up. Its range of applications is only limited by your imagination.

  • It fits well inside your regular bag

    It's just the right size for carrying around, fitting in the outside pocket of a backpack. It's a standard-sized bottle that is easy for both children and adults to use.

  • It's easy to carry around every day

    The bottle holds 355 ml, allowing you to take long draughts. While you're away from home, you can refill it with a drink purchased on the road, and the bottle will keep the drink cold.

  • Opens and shuts easily with one hand!

    The unique cap allows you to easily open and shut the bottle with one hand simply by simultaneously pressing three buttons, meaning you don't have to screw the cap on and off. Even children can use it easily.

  • It's also easy to clean

    The lid's three simple components—the ring, cap, and seal—can be disassembled and cleaned separately, making the lid very hygienic. These components can also be cleaned in the dishwasher (but not the bottle itself).

  • Ippodo Travel Bottle (355ml)
  • - Box size : W7.0 x D7.0 x H23.5 cm
  • - Capacity : 355 ml
  • - Weight : 272 g
  • - Dimensions : Dia.6.7 x H23.1 cm
  • - Heat-retaining effect : 64°C
  • - Cold-retaining effect : 7°C
  • - Manufacturer : REVOMAX
  • - Made in : China
  • - Dishwasher safe? : Cap -Yes, Bottle -No
  • - Bleach OK? : No
  • - Microwave safe? : No
  • Material :
    - Bottle: Stainless steel
    - Cap: Polypropylene
    - Packing: Silicone
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