Matsu-no-midori 120g Bag
Matsu-no-midori 120g Bag
Matsu-no-midori 120g Bag

How does it taste?

A taste that carries a punch, with a distinctive, sharp aftertaste.

How/when to enjoy it?

When you want to drink a lot of tea. It goes down very smoothly. In some ways, it’s like the Japanese tea equivalent of beer.

What to enjoy it with?

Drink lots of ice-cold Matsu-no-midori with deep-fried chicken. It will increase your appetite.

How do Ippodo staff enjoy it?

Prepare three teapots using the same tea leaves to fill a large carafe or jug that can be placed on the table for meals with family.

  • Strength
    Light/easy to drink Rich/satisfying
  • Taste
    Bitter/sharp Sweet/umami
  • Fragrance
    Mild Fragrant/aromatic
How to Prepare
  •   10g
  •   210ml
  •   100℃
  •   30 sec.

Using boiling hot water makes gyokuro and sencha refreshing and exhilarating Boiling hot water brings out a lot of astringency. Brewing quickly is vital.


1 Use 10g of leaves (2 tablespoons)


2 Add 210ml of boiling hot water


3 Serve 30 seconds after beginning to pour the hot water.

  • Matsu-no-midori 120g Bag
  • Size of Package : W12.0 x D3.5 x H21.5 cm
  • Net Weight : 120grams.
  • Per Serving (1 pot) : 10grams
  • Ingredients : Green tea(Japan)
  • Shelf Life : 180 days
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