How does it taste?

It possesses layers of rich, refined flavour. It is also delicate, with a taste that can be altered with subtle changes in how it is prepared.

How/when to enjoy it?

When you want to thoroughly enjoy the flavour of Japanese tea.

What to enjoy it with?

With confections possessing refined sweetness, like rakugan rice-flour cakes and konpeito sugar candy.

How do Ippodo staff enjoy it?

When you want to know the state of your mind and body. The taste of this tea reflects it like a mirror.

  • Strength
    Light/easy to drink Rich/satisfying
  • Taste
    Bitter/sharp Sweet/umami
  • Fragrance
    Mild Fragrant/aromatic
How to Prepare
  •   10g
  •   210ml
  •   80℃
  •   60 sec.

A new experience from every cup. The different flavour that you get each time you prepare sencha makes drinking sencha a profound experience.


1 Use 10g of leaves (2 tablespoons)


2 Add 210ml of hot water (80°C)


3 Serve 60 seconds after beginning to pour the hot water.

  • Kumpu Medium Can w/box
  • Size of Package : W8.6 x D8.2 x H14.1 cm
  • Net Weight : 150 grams.
  • Per Serving (1 pot) : 10grams
  • Ingredients : Green tea(Japan)
  • Shelf Life : 180 days
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