• Sayaka-no-mukashi 40g Can Rich
    Try this first

    Mellow flavour with just the right amount of umami

  • Ummon-no-mukashi 40g Can Rich

    Prominent umami flavour and smooth taste

  • Seiun 40g Can Rich

    Strong umami flavour and an aftertaste with depth

  • Ummon-no-mukashi 20g Can Rich

    Prominent umami flavour and smooth taste

  • Premium Organic Matcha 20g Can
    Online Exclusive

    Its fresh, verdant fragrance envelops you

  • Hosen 150g Can w/box Balanced

    Refined and well-balanced umami and sharpness.

  • Kaboku 155g Can w/box Rich

    Bold flavour with satisfying umami.

  • Organic Matcha 20g Can

    Light taste with JAS organic certification

  • Kumpu 150g Can w/box Rich

    Flavour with depth and a luxurious aftertaste.

  • Kanro 180g Can w/box Rich

    Magnificent fragrance and mellow umami flavour. 

  • Tenka-ichi 180g Can w/box Rich

    Prominent umami flavour concentrated in every drop.

  • Ippoen 180g Can w/box Rich

    Clear, pure umami flavour.

  • Nichigetsu 160g Can w/box Balanced

    Refreshing sharpness and sweetness that bathe the palate.

  • Kakurei 180g Can w/box Balanced

    Mild umami flavour and pleasant taste.

  • Shoike-no-o 155g Can w/box Balanced

    A balance of light umami and sharpness.

  • Tekiro 150g Can w/box Light

    Light, refreshing flavour.

  • Mantoku 150g Can w/box Light

    Refreshing taste that is easy to drink.

  • Uji Shincha 146g Can w/box

    Enjoy the seasonal taste of freshly harvested shincha tea

  • Rimpo 180g Can w/box Balanced

    Mellow umami flavour and an aftertaste with depth.