Reward yourself with the refreshing fragrance of Japanese tea the instant you add water

There’s a time during chores around the house or work at the office when you get a hankering for Japanese tea. The perfect thing at times like that is something that tastes delicious and is easy to prepare and clean up afterwards. So, when you’ve reached a good stopping point after some hard work, treat yourself to Japanese tea in your favourite cup made with a Drip Tea Bag.

How do Ippodo staff use it?

It makes a good gift for friends who like coffee, because it’s prepared like drip coffee. They’ll love the special moment when the tea’s wonderful fragrance wafts upwards as soon as they pour hot water into the bag.

  • Use it with your favourite cup

    Drip Tea Bags allow you to enjoy the tea’s fragrance as you prepare it. Savour its bouquet as you pour on hot water.

  • The clear golden-yellow hue of sencha

    When you pour on hot water over the green tea leaves, a clear golden-yellow hue fills the cup. This tea has a refeshing fragrance and an easy-to-drink taste that you’ll soon become fond of.

  • The individually packaged bags stay fresh longer

    Each bag is individually packaged to protect the tea leaves from air, humidity, strong odors, and sunlight, which is of key importance with Japanese tea.

  • Elegance, with a touch of panache

    Decorated with the image of a drop in silver foil embossing on a chic, green background, the attractive packaging conveys just the right amount of festivity, making it suitable as a gift.

  • Drip Tea Bag Sencha (4g x 6 bags)
  • Size of Package : W10.3 x D5.0 x H14.0 cm
  • Net Weight : 24 grams (4grams × 6)
  • Ingredients : Green tea(Japan)
  • Shelf Life : 150 days
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