One-Pot Teabag Iribancha (Kyobancha) 18 bags
One-Pot Teabag Iribancha (Kyobancha) 18 bags
One-Pot Teabag Iribancha (Kyobancha) 18 bags

Distinctive flavour that is an acquired taste

One-Pot Teabag Iribancha (Kyobancha) 18 bags



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Iribancha is made by roasting tea at high temperature, giving it a distinctive smoky aroma. Yet it has a surprisingly refreshing, delicious taste that goes down smoothly, encouraging you to drink more.

How/when to enjoy it?

Drink this low-caffeine tea before going to bed, or on a day off when you want to relax.

What to enjoy it with?

Sipping tea between dishes of Chinese food or similar richly-flavoured cuisine enhances the whole meal.

How do Ippodo staff enjoy it?

This distinctive bancha of the Kyoto area is easy to prepare, and makes a good little gift to take when visiting family or to give to friends who live far away.

  • Strength
    Light/easy to drink Rich/satisfying
  • Taste
    Bitter/sharp Sweet/umami
  • Fragrance
    Mild Fragrant/aromatic
How to Prepare
  •   1 teabag
  •   400ml
  •   100℃
  •   5 min.

Great as an everyday tea. It’s quick and easy to prepare with boiling hot water.


Boiling hot water, 400ml, 5 min.

  • One-Pot Teabag Iribancha (Kyobancha) 18 bags
  • Size of Package : W15.0 x D3.8 x H24.2 cm
  • Net Weight : 126 grams. (7 grams x 18)
  • Ingredients : Green tea (Japan)
  • Shelf Life : 180 days
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