Pipping hot <em>oden</em> with hot Gokujo Genmaicha

Pipping hot oden with hot Gokujo Genmaicha

Very popular in winter, Oden is a kind of Japanese hot pot that is prepared in an earthenware pot and contains various ingredients, such as Japanese white radish, chikuwa fish cakes, konnyaku, and boiled eggs. Each mouthful brings a satisfying wave of delicious broth and tasty victuals, warming both the heart and body. Genmaicha, with its mild aroma of roasted rice, goes nicely with oden.

2 tbsp. (10g)
Boilling hot water (210ml/7oz)
30 seconds
Don't let it steep long!
If you do, it'll become bitter, and won't go as well with oden. Hint: Remember to stay by the kyusu as the tea steeps!