<em>Onigiri</em> with Sencha-ko

Onigiri with Sencha-ko

People often cook more rice than will be eaten at once, then use surplus rice to make onigiri (rice balls)—sometimes also referred to as omusubi—a tasty snack that they can enjoy later when they get peckish. Onigiri goes well with Sencha-ko. Just put enough konacha for one cup of tea in a tea strainer and gently pour on boiling hot water. There you go, a delicious cup of sencha.

1 tbsp. (5g)
Boiling hot water (200ml)
Serve right away, without letting it brew
Pour on the water gently
Pouring on the water quickly can cause the konacha to spill out from the tea strainer. Pour gently, describing a curve with a thin stream of water.