<em>Nikujaga</em> with iced Sencha

Nikujaga with iced Sencha

New potatoes are great for nikujaga (Japanese meat and potato stew). In Kyoto, we prepare it on the sweet side. The dish goes well with Matsu-no-midori Sencha, which has a refreshing sharpness. For an invigorating taste experience, prepare the sencha with boiling hot water, and then pour it over a glass full of ice to cool it right down. It really helps to cool you down and reduce perspiration.

2 tbsp
(10 g)
Boiling hot water (210ml)
1 min
Fill the glass with lots of ice!
The key is to cool the tea down right away. Fill a glass with lots of ice, and as soon as you pour on the tea, stir it well with a stirrer. It's ready to drink once the outside of the glass has become very cold.