<em>Kakigori</em> and Iribancha

Kakigori and Iribancha

Japan's summers are hot and humid. When people want to feel a little cooler, they often think of the shaved ice dessert called kakigori. If you're at home on a hot day, try kakigori with strawberry syrup as a mid-afternoon treat. Every spoonful or slurp takes away a little of the heat that has built up inside you. Afterwards, when all the ice has taken effect, sip pleasantly warm Iribancha to soothe your stomach.

2 small pinches (10g)
Boilling water (400ml/14 oz)
Use boiling hot water!
Iribancha has a wonderful smoky aroma, which accentuates flavor. To bring out the aroma, prepare it with boiling hot water.