This kyusu is ideal for people who want to prepare a lot of tea all at once.

We created this kyusu in response to requests for a teapot that makes it easy to prepare a lot of tea for a group of people or for when you want to drink a lot of bancha tea.

How do Ippodo staff use it?

In addition to being great for preparing tea, it can also be used as a carafe for holding and serving tea for the whole family during meals. It’s handy to have this around in addition to the more general-purpose type of kyusu used for making smaller amounts of tea. The dignified appearance of this beautiful, white kyusu wonderfully accents any dining setting.

  • This large kyusu holds 400 ml

    This kyusu allows you to prepare a large amount of tea all at once, which comes in handy when serving a group of people or when you want to drink a lot of bancha tea.

  • The built-in tea strainer’s fine holes allow you to pour smoothly without clogging

    The large, dome-shaped strainer with a generous number of closely placed small holes allows you to pour out the tea without any clogging, including the final drops of tea that contain the highest concentration of flavour.

  • Cleaning is easy. You can even use bleach!

    Use kitchen bleach to remove tea stains, and remember to rinse it off thoroughly afterwards. In regular use, simply rinse with water to clean. You can also use dishwashing detergent, if you prefer.

  • Individually handcrafted by artisans

    Handcrafted by Kiyomizu-yaki artisans, this beautiful kyusu is ideal for people who like utensils that allow you to appreciate good craftsmanship.

  • Large White Porcelain Kyusu Teapot (Kiyomizu-yaki)
  • Box size : W14.7×D17.2× H10.3cm
  • Capacity : 400 ml
  • Weight : 330g
  • Dimensions : Dia.9.0 x H9.2 cm (excl. handle and spout) * Capacity, weight, and dimensions are approximate.
  • Made in : Kyoto Prefecture, Japan (Kiyomizu-yaki)
  • Dishwasher safe? : Yes
  • Bleach OK? : Yes
  • Dishwashing detergent OK? : Yes
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