The perfect set for getting started with matcha.

Many people tell Ippodo that they would like to try preparing matcha, but aren't sure which utensils to get, or that they want to make sure of having everything ready before they start. To meet those needs we assembled the Matcha Starter Kit 6, which has everything required. It has become a popular set among Online Shop customers around the world, including Japan.

Who do Ippodo staff give it to?

People who would like to give matcha a try but think it's difficult. Giving Japanese confections along with the kit is a good idea, too.

  • Includes everything in one box

    The set contains a matcha tea bowl, chasen, whisk stand, chashaku, tea strainer, and matcha powder. These items, created with meticulous attention to detail, are packaged in a box designed in a tastefully understated way, adorned only with the Ippodo logo.

  • If you can boil water, you have everything needed to make matcha part of your life.

    Unbox the kit and you have everything you require. All you need to add is boiling hot water. Starting life with matcha is extremely simple.

  • Bilingual Japanese-English guide included

    It includes bilingual Japanese-English instructions on everything from getting ready and preparing matcha to how to put it all away, making it a good gift for people outside Japan.

  • Essential Matcha Kit
  • Box size : W29.0.×D11.2× H14.7cm
  • Contents :
    - 80-tip Chasen (bamboo whisk) *made in Korea
    - Chashaku (bamboo tea ladle)
    - Chasen-tate (Whisk stand)
    - Original Ippodo Tea Strainer
    - Chawan (tea bowl)
    - Matcha Horai-no-mukashi 20g Can(Shelf Life: 180 days)
    - Leaflet: An English guide to preparing matcha and using the utensils.
    - Dishwasher safe?: No (Only the chawan and tea strainer are dishwasher safe.)
    - Dishwashing detergent OK?: No (Only the chawan and tea strainer are dishwashing detergent safe.)
    - Bleach OK?: No (Only the tea strainer is bleach safe.)
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