Matcha utensils

  • Original Ippodo Tea Strainer

    For sifting matcha and preparing konacha like drip coffee

  • Bamboo Whisk (Chasen) 100-tip

    Matcha whisk with thick handle

  • Bamboo tea ladle (Chashaku)

    Bamboo ladle for scooping matcha

  • Matcha sieve

    Sifts a lot of matcha at once

  • Whisk Stand (Chasen-tate)

    Used for storing your whisk

  • Bamboo Whisk (Chasen) 80-tip

    Matcha whisk with thin handle

  • Essential Matcha Kit
    Online Exclusive
  • White Tea Bowl with Serving Spout

    A white tea bowl that fits in anywhere

  • Kaishi (tissue used during the tea ceremony)

    Handy size for regular use

  • Resin Whisk (Chasen)

    A whisk for preparing matcha every day

  • Black Tea Bowl with Serving Spout

    A chic, black tea bowl with distinctive presence

  • Basic Matcha Kit
    Online Exclusive
  • Hajime-no-Ippodo Matcha Starter Kit

    All you need to prepare matcha exccept the hot water