Premium Gyokuro 30g Bag
Premium Gyokuro 30g Bag
Premium Gyokuro 30g Bag
Premium Gyokuro 30g Bag
Premium Gyokuro 30g Bag
Premium Gyokuro 30g Bag

A refined taste with pleasant, lasting tones

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Premium Gyokuro 30g Bag



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A gyokuro that gives you an appreciation for the loving care and passion of tea growers

Gyokuro is cultivated in the shade protected from direct sunlight and given ample fertilizer in order to ensure that sufficient nutrients flow from the roots to the new tea buds. Premium Gyokuro is the finest grade of our line of gyokuro teas , which are characterized by having verdant fragrance, rich sweetness, and umami flavour The quality of this tea is made possible thanks to the fact that it is made using only tea leaves from Kyoto Prefecture cultivated by experienced Kyoto tea growers who specialize in producing gyokuro tea leaves.

How do Ippodo staff use it?

Enjoy this tea with friends who truly appreciate gyokuro. You’ll want to share this wonderful gyokuro and talk about it!

  • Made with only the finest tea leaves

    These tea leaves constitute the cream of the crop, grown using meticulous cultivation management backed by the full knowledge and experience of the tea growers. Savour this gyokuro at each stage of preparing the tea the beauty and fragrance of the tea leaves beforehand, the fragrance and flavour of the tea while you’re prepar ing it , and the appearance of the tea leaves afterwards.

  • A clear taste with pleasant lasting tones

    Once prepared, the colour of this gyokuro has more of a clear, light golden yellow colour than our regular gyokuro sold throughout the year. Its sweetness and umami flavour are surprisingly prominent for the light colour. But it also has a mild, gentle, and refined feel, despite the solid sweetness and umami.

  • A highly prized gyokuro in short supply

    Due to the fact that only a limited amount of tea leaves of this quality can be produced even Ippodo sells only a small amount every year Unlike the regular gyokuro sold throughout the year, each year’s Premium Select Gyokuro h as its own unique flavour and fragrance. Don’t miss the opportunity to savour this year’s one of a kind taste.

How to Prepare

Basic Gyokuro

  •   10g
  •   80ml
  •   60℃
  •   90 sec.
Basic Gyokuro

1 Use 10g of leaves (2 tablespoons)

Basic Gyokuro

2 Add 80ml of hot water (60°C)

Basic Gyokuro

3 Serve 90 seconds after beginning to pour the hot water.

The concentrated umami can feel as though it had been squeezed out of freshly-picked tea leaves. To get all the umami, make sure to cool the water sufficiently after boiling.

Cold-brewed Gyokuro

  •   10g
  •   210ml
  •   chilled water
  •   15 min.
Cold-brewed Gyokuro

1. Use 10g of leaves (2 tablespoons)

Cold-brewed Gyokuro

2. Add 210ml of chilled water

Cold-brewed Gyokuro

3. Leave to brew for 15 minutes

Wait in anticipation while the full deliciousness seeps out, then enjoy the ultimate taste.

  • Premium Gyokuro 30g Bag
  • Size of Package : W11.0 x D2.0 x H20.0 cm
  • Net Weight : 30 grams
  • Per Serving (1 pot) : 10 grams
  • Ingredients : Green tea (Japan)
  • Shelf Life : 180 days
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