<em>Wakame Udon</em> is great for a light meal

Wakame Udon is great for a light meal

The key to udon is the broth, not the noodles, so that’s the first thing you sample. The broth’s umami flavor and delectable aroma wash over the palate, immediately relaxing you. After finishing off the udon noodles that absorb the delicious broth and the wakame seaweed while it still retains some of its crispness, Wakayanagi tea is just the thing to drink, providing a refreshing aftertaste.

2 tbsp.
(10 g)
Boiling hot water (240ml/8oz)
30 seconds
Don't let it steep too much!
Letting the tea steep for too long in boiling hot water makes it bitter.
So once it has brewed for 30 seconds, pour out and serve right away.