Shincha pre-orders start on April 1, 2024

Shincha pre-orders start on April 1, 2024

We are about one month away from being able to begin delivering our 2024 Shincha tea!

Ippodo shincha is grown in tea fields in the hills in the southern part of Kyoto Prefecture. It’s picked right before being shipped to Ippodo, where it is immediately processed and turned into the final product. Shincha is freshly picked tea that possesses the wonderful flavour of spring.

With a fresh, verdant fragrance that is only available at this time, this sencha is sold as shincha, a special tea that can only be bought for about two months every year.

It offers the authentic taste and fragrance of shincha, which is brimming with youthful vigour and boldness, but only during this time. We encourage you to enjoy this special tea while it’s available.

Shincha Collection
  • Crafted from tea leaves that were growing in a field only a few days prior, Ippodo's Shincha is delivered right after harvest, once per year.

  • Young, new tea leaves have an almost invisible "furriness" on the underside. The shininess on the surface of a cup of Shincha comes from these "hairs," which float to the top (though you won't be able to taste them).

  • Tea trees' leaves shoot up with an incredible life force as soon as the weather starts getting warmer each spring. That life force translates directly into the cup; when you taste Shincha, you'll be vitalized by these young tea leaves' raw energy.

    Super green, super powerful—these are phrases that come to mind when you open the lid of your kyusu to smell Shincha leaves after brewing. Shincha's powerful aroma is fleeting, so enjoy it while it lasts!

  • Go ahead, touch the tea leaves after they've opened up. You'll be surprised at just how soft and delicate they are. It's another indication of Shincha's freshness.