Now Available: Matcha 100g Bags

Now Available: Matcha 100g Bags

Two popular Ippodo matchas are now available in a conveniently large 50 serving package, with a seal-able closure.


Convenience for Daily Matcha Drinkers

The 100g package comes ready-to-use with the matcha loose inside and a closure for freshness. The bag stands up on its own, so you can easily keep it on your counter after scooping.

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Sayaka-no-mukashi: Rich and Smooth

Popular matcha blend Sayaka-no-mukashi is recommended for daily matcha drinkers who enjoy their matcha straight. It has rich depth, plentiful umami and a smooth character.


Ikuyo-no-mukashi: Medium and Balanced

The Ikuyo-no-mukashi matcha blend has a medium, balanced taste, with pleasant umami and a hint of astringency. Recommended for daily matcha drinkers who enjoy a medium richness, Ikuyo is also suitable for use in matcha lattes.

New Release: Resin Whisk (Chasen)

This is a matcha whisk made from a synthetic resin. It’s sturdy and can easily be washed with soap or plain water.

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