Kyoto Main Store

Kyoto Main Store, Kaboku Tearoom

Store: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Tearoom: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
(‘Last call’ at 4:30 pm)
Regular holiday: 2nd Wed. of each month

52 Tokiwagi-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto

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Tel +81-75-211-4018

Item List (PDF)

  • Tearoom
  • Take-out service

When using the KOMURA parking lot, present the car park ticket at the Ippodo counter.


When visiting our main store in Kyoto, come to the old storefront, pass through the noren shop curtains that have Ippodo’s name in Japanese left undyed, and step through the automatic door to see the store’s large counter. Right above the counter, near the ceiling, is a list showing all of Ippodo’s teas. On your left, you see a wall lined with old tea jars. The shop possesses a distinctive atmosphere in which old and new coexist. We hope you will drop by, check out our selection of teas, and find something you like. We also offer tea for take-out.

Kyoto Main Store MAP

Kaboku Tearoom

The Kaboku Tearoom is located to the right of the shop. It consists of three areas, each with its own distinct atmosphere—“Oku no Ma,” which is directly ahead when you walk into the tearoom from the shop, the “Counter,” and “Teramachi no Ma,” which looks out onto Teramachi Street. Rest and relax in the tearoom however you like, either spending time on your own or chatting with friends.

The flavour of Japanese tea changes in various ways depending on how it is prepared. Here you can have our staff guide you through preparing the tea yourself, or just savour tea prepared by professionals. You can have delicious sweets with the tea, too.

Menu (PDF)


On the second floor, reached using the stairs at the back of the shop area, are two rooms, one large and one small. In this relaxed, quiet environment, we hold classes explaining how to prepare Japanese tea so as to bring out the authentic, delicious flavour of Japanese tea leaves, as well as providing hints for enjoying Japanese tea on a regular basis.

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