White Porcelain Teapot (Hasami-yaki)
White Porcelain Teapot (Hasami-yaki)
White Porcelain Teapot (Hasami-yaki)
White Porcelain Teapot (Hasami-yaki)
White Porcelain Teapot (Hasami-yaki)
White Porcelain Teapot (Hasami-yaki)
White Porcelain Teapot (Hasami-yaki)
White Porcelain Teapot (Hasami-yaki)

Beautiful translucent white ideal for your first kyusu

White Porcelain Teapot (Hasami-yaki)



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The simple, straightforward design works well with any tea or table setting.

Ippodo teapots are meticulously designed to incorporate a range of qualities that our customers appreciate. Most important is for a teapot that allows them to prepare delicious Japanese tea. Other priorities include being usable on a daily basis, being easy to clean, and fitting in well with any table setting.

As a dealer in Japanese tea, Ippodo considers the crucial feature of this teapot to be its beautiful translucent whiteness, which makes the colour of the tea and tea leaves look fresh and beautiful. The teapot has a characteristic bright white colour that derives from the Amagusa porcelain stone used to produce the porcelain. After pouring the tea, remove the lid to see the vibrant green of the tea leaves that have soaked up water.

This is a great first teapot for someone who wants to make Japanese tea part of their day-to-day life, but isn’t sure which teapot to choose. It also makes a good second teapot for people who already enjoy drinking Japanese tea. Think of it as a utensil that is suitable for any everyday situation involving tea.

How do Ippodo staff use it?

Some of our staff always keep the White Porcelain Teapot with Back Handle at the ready in their kitchens for use on a regular basis. And, because it holds enough tea, it can stay on the table to provide a second helping of tea during breakfast and dinner. The large lid, which makes cleaning easy, and the fact that it can be cleaned with bleach when necessary are also convenient features. Due to its simple, modest design, our staff also give it to friends who are interested in Japanese tea.

  • The lid fits perfectly so as to prevent leaking

    The tablespoon is the fundamental unit for measuring tea leaves in our instructions for preparing Ippodo tea. So, the size of the opening has been designed to easily accommodate a tablespoon. The opening is also a perfect fit for the Original Ippodo Tea Strainer, allowing the teapot to be easily used to hold tea prepared using the strainer. Except for matcha, the teapot can be used with a broad range of teas, including loose leaf teas and Ippodo’s One-Cup Teabag, One-Pot Teabag, and Drip Tea Bag products.

  • The long, elegant spout pours tea beautifully

    Being able to pour tea into cups without dripping afterwards is satisfying. So, the drip-free design of the spout is one of this teapot’s attractive features. The teapot has been carefully designed as an everyday utensil that is easy to use. Japanese tea makes a beautiful arc as it is poured from the long, narrow white spout into cups, and being able to clearly view the colour of the tea like this is important, because it provides a good indicator of the tea’s taste. You want your tea to be both beautiful and delicious.

  • The handle can be held with one hand, even when the teapot is full. And, it works for both right- and left-handed people.

    The more water you pour into the teapot, the heavier it gets. So, the teapot has been designed with thin walls to make it lightweight. Careful thought has been given to make it easy to hold with either one or two hands. The handle in the back is large and wide enough to allow plenty of room to insert your fingers and get a good grip. And, having the handle in the back means the teapot is easy to use for both right- and left-handed people, making it easier to share with family and friends.

  • The built-in strainer’s fine holes allow you to pour smoothly without clogging, providing consistent flavour

    In order to be able to prepare delicious Japanese tea, it is very important for the tea to pass through the internal strainer quickly at just the right timing. The large, dome-shaped internal strainer with many closely placed small holes allows you to pour the tea smoothly without any clogging with tea leaves that unravel inside the teapot. In order to draw out the tea’s flavour at just the right moment, it is crucial to have a design that allows an unencumbered flow of tea when pouring.

  • The lid fits snugly, shutting tightly, preventing tea and tea leaves from spilling

    The teapot is designed so as to minimize spillage from the lid opening when pouring tea out into cups. This type of teapot is referred to as an apple-shaped teapot because the concave lid with a knob gives it an apple-like appearance. When putting the lid on, ensure that the air hole is aligned towards the handle in order to provide a good seal.

  • This sturdy, odour-resistant porcelain teapot is great for day-to-day use

    Porcelain means that you don’t have to worry about odours being retained from one batch of tea to another. So, you can use it with all kinds of tea—Japanese tea, which has a mild flavour that is easily influenced by other odours, as well as black tea, Chinese tea, and herb tea. The porcelain is also stronger than other ceramics, making the teapot more robust and easy to use. You’ll find yourself making extensive use of this tea utensil.

  • Features two modest, unobtrusive logos

    The teapot has been left free of patterns in order to allow you to fully enjoy the air of dignity and elegance produced by the beautiful translucent white surface and the different shades created by the way light falls on it. Even the Ippodo logos—the imprint on the underside of the lid and words “IPPODO TEA” in blue cobalt on the bottom of the teapot—have been kept tastefully understated.

  • White Porcelain Teapot (Hasami-yaki)
  • Box size : W13.3×D13.3× H10.0cm
  • About Kyusu Teapot :
    - Capacity:300ml(10 oz.)
    - Weight:270g
    - Dimensions: Dia.9.0 x H9.5 cm (excl. handle and spout)
    - Made in: Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan (Hasami-yaki)
    - Dishwasher safe?: Yes
    - Bleach OK?: Yes
    - Dishwashing detergent OK?: Yes
    - Stovetop, oven, microwave oven OK?: No
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