Glass Teapot
Glass Teapot
Glass Teapot

A teapot that can also be used with black tea and herb tea

Glass Teapot



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A comfortably large heat-resistant glass teapot for all sorts of teas.

In contrast to our kyusu teapots that are custom-designed to bring out the best in Ippodo teas, this is an all-purpose teapot suitable for all sorts of teas. It’s ideal for people who like to enjoy lots of different kinds of tea, not just Japanese tea.

How do Ippodo staff use it?

It’s just the right size for using at the table during meals to hold and serve Japanese tea. It can be used to hold three teapots worth of tea prepared with a kyusu.

  • It holds a lot of tea, and can be used as a carafe

    Holding up to 720 ml, this teapot comes in handy when you want to prepare a lot of Japanese tea. It can also be used as a carafe.

  • Heat-resistant glass allows it to withstand boiling hot water!

    You can prepare piping hot tea without worrying about the glass cracking. And the clear glass allows you to see inside and watch the tea leaves unfurl.

  • Use it to prepare any kind of tea, including black tea and herb tea

    You can use it to prepare any of kind of tea from around the world, not just Japanese tea. And because it’s made of glass, you don’t have to worry about odours being retained from one batch of tea to another. You can use it to prepare tea with teabags, too.

  • Easy to clean

    It’s safe to put in the dishwasher or dish drier. And the carafe itself—but not the lid or strainer—is safe to use in microwave ovens, making it easy to reheat tea.

  • Glass Teapot
  • - Box size : W14.5 x D11.5 x H15.7 cm
  • - Capacity : 720 ml
  • - Weight : 248 g
  • - Dimensions : Dia.7.8 x H12.5 cm (excl. handle and spout)
  • - Thermal shock resistance : 120℃
  • - Manufacturer : KINTO Japan
  • - Made in : China
  • - Dishwasher safe? : Yes
  • - Bleach OK? : Yes
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