Now Available: Special New Year's Matcha 2024

Now Available: Special New Year's Matcha 2024

We present our Special New Year's Matcha, which is only available for a limited time, from December 1 into January.

- 2024 is the Year of the Dragon
The delightful Year of the Dragon name and label are part of the fun of our Special New Year's Matcha. The Tatsu-Mukashi label design features a dragon rising high into the sky, with Mt. Fuji in the background. It conveys Ippodo’s wish that you have a fulfilling year, blessed with energy and strength, like the dragon soaring high in the sky.

- About our Special New Year's Matcha
This is a specially blended matcha only sold towards the end of the year and early in the new year. Unlike our matcha products sold throughout the year that are blended for consistency of each matcha product, our Special New Year's Matcha blend changes from year to year. It has a taste that is surprisingly different from our matcha products sold throughout the year. 

- Particularly smooth, mellow flavour.
The matcha has a subtle sweetness that bathes the palate, and a light aftertaste. Its crystal clear, verdant fragrance is very refined, and its vivid green colour seems to shine. A wonderful, rich fragrance wafts into the air the moment you begin whisking the matcha. This matcha offers ample stimulation for all five senses.

Enjoy it with special confections and sweets at get-togethers with family and friends during the holiday season. It makes a good choice as a New Year’s gift or for use in hatsugama, the first tea ceremony of the new year.

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