Now Available: Premium Gyokuro

Now Available: Premium Gyokuro

The new release of the rarest gyokuro Ippodo produces is now available, in a limited quantity. This release comes after thoroughly resting and maturing the tea for many months after harvest.

This tea is highly anticipated for its refined, rich taste and deep fragrance by gyokuro fans every year. Try this gyokuro for a rewarding, relaxing tea break this season.

This special release is Ippodo's limited blend of high-class gyokuro harvests from Kyoto. We recommend trying this tea if you enjoy the luscious, rich, delectable character of our top-tier gyokuro.

This year's release is gentle at first taste. After swallowing, the sweetness and umami tastes dramatically blossom throughout the mouth.

It's perhaps the most dynamic release of Premium Select Gyokuro in recent memory.

Fans of Ippodo gyokuro will appreciate its complexity. Newcomers will find its softness accessible, while they may be surprised by the remarkably lush umami and sweetness in its aftertaste.