【Items】Upcoming Changes to Organic Matcha & Organic Sencha

【Items】Upcoming Changes to Organic Matcha & Organic Sencha

Starting on April 1, 2022, we will make changes to the price of Organic Matcha and to the package of Organic Sencha.

These items will be available regularly until March 24th. Then, they will be unavailable for order online, while we make the necessary preparations.

We apologize for the inconvenience as these items will be unavailable for the last days of March. We hope we can ask for your understanding as we make these necessary changes.

Please check the details below.

Item details Unable to Order From:
Organic Matcha 20g Can ≪Price Change≫
New)1,000 yen
Previous) 800 yen
March 25th – March 31st
Organic Sencha 50g Bag ≪Package Change ≫
At the start of April. See details below.
March 25th – March 29th

The Organic Sencha 50g Bag package design will change as shown above. We are updating the design to fit with the rest of the sencha series.

The new package shape matches the new format of flatter, shorter packages that we introduced last fall. We gave the design bright, colorful elements that help make it appropriate for a small gift. The Organic Sencha tea inside is unchanged. Please try this new package yourself if it catches your eye.