Ippodo Kyoto Main Store

Ippodo Kyoto Main Store

Our remodelled Kyoto Main Store and Kaboku Tearoom opened on December 15, 2023. We are delighted to be able to introduce the store’s new interior.
You can shop, buy take-out drinks, drink tea in the tearoom, and take part in events at the Kyoto Main Store, which at first glance will not look much different from before, but we hope you will find it a little easier to use.


Approaching the old store frontage and passing through the noren curtains that have Ippodo’s name in Japanese left undyed, step inside the store and you will see a large counter where our staff are ready to greet you. We offer about thirty brands in four tea categories—matcha, gyokuro, sencha, and bancha (including hojicha and genmaicha). Near the ceiling is a list showing all our teas. The staff are happy to chat with you and help you find what you like. Feel free to ask us anything about Japanese tea.

Tea jars

On the left are tea jars, which could be said to symbolize the shop and convey to people today the taste and elegance of a time that is now over a century in the past. Back then, the jars were used for storing tea and other items. The brown jars are Shigaraki ware, and the black jars are Tamba ware.


The take-out corner is located in the back of the shop. Drinks are prepared here one at a time as the orders are received, so we can prepare your tea to suit how you feel on that particular occasion. For example, if you would like the tea to be stronger for a richer taste or weaker for a lighter taste, just let our staff know, and they can make the necessary adjustments.

Take-out counter

Matcha is prepared at the semicircular counter around a Japanese teakettle. Up close, you can hear the sound of staff whisking the matcha.


Teas like gyokuro, sencha, and hojicha that use a kyusu teapot are prepared in the kitchen behind the counter. Watch our staff up close as they prepare the tea, gauging the amount to use by eye or by weighing it in their hand.

3.Kaboku Tearoom

The Kaboku Tearoom is located to the right of the shop. It consists of three areas, each with its own distinct atmosphere—Oku no Ma, the Counter, and Teramachi no Ma. The flavour of Japanese tea changes in various ways depending on how it is prepared. Here you can have our staff guide you through preparing the tea yourself, or just savour tea prepared by professionals. You can have delicious sweets with the tea, too.
Capacity: 44

Oku no Ma/Capacity: 18

As you walk straight into the Kaboku Tearoom from the rear of the shop, you find yourself in Oku no Ma, a relaxed space surrounded by the warmth of wood, just right for chatting with friends or talking business. Bench seating is also available.

Counter/Capacity: 9

In the middle of the Kaboku Tearoom is the Counter, which is perhaps its key feature. Spend a quiet time relaxing and focussing on your tea at the table made from a single piece of timber outfitted with a Japanese teakettle.

Teramachi no Ma/Capacity: 17

Furthest from the entrance to the Kaboku Tearoom is the area called Teramachi no Ma, which looks out onto Teramachi Street. It has a pleasant atmosphere and view that changes depending on the time of day or the season, allowing you to watch people go by on the street, feel the sun shining through the window, or gaze at the sunshine filtering through the tree branches. You’ll find yourself wanting to come back time and again.


A private room for enjoying tea seated around a big table with a view of the courtyard.


A place for consultations about Japanese tea, including advice on choice of utensils.

6.Event space

Event space(large)
Our venue for events like tea tastings and classes about preparing tea. Make new discoveries, or rediscoveries, about Japanese tea.
Capacity: 18

Event space(small) 

Capacity: 12