Now Available!  Ippodo Travel Bottle (355 ml)

Now Available! Ippodo Travel Bottle (355 ml)

This new travel bottle is perfect for bringing a small taste of tea with you, whether you’re going on holiday, packing a lunch or going to the park. It is also a good size for children to bring to school.

The original Ippodo design features "Kuki" derives from our line of kukicha teas—Kuki Gyokuro, Kuki Sencha, and Kuki Hojicha. Each has its own distinctive flavour, but all share a predominant sweetness, and all are very popular. The illustration on the bottle depicts "Kuki" characters walking in the hills.

New Release
Ippodo Tea Bottle (355 ml)
Size: 355ml (12 oz.)

This is a limited release item and will only be available while supplies last.

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