Tin tea canister engraved with Ippodo seal (large size)
Tin tea canister engraved with Ippodo seal (large size)
Tin tea canister engraved with Ippodo seal (large size)
Tin tea canister engraved with Ippodo seal (large size)

A canister to cherish for life (holds 200 g of gyokuro/sencha)

Tin tea canister engraved with Ippodo seal (large size)



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A tin tea canister made by Kaikado of Kyoto, engraved with the Ippodo seal.

The design of the mark engraved on the tin canisters is a variant on the original design, incorporating a frame made from the character for tea, which differs from the Ippodo seal engraving on the copper canisters. The new design was commissioned to coincide with the opening of Ippodo’s Tokyo Marunouchi store. Sets consisting of a tin canister with the new variation of the mark together with a copper canister having the original mark make wonderful gifts.

How do Ippodo staff use it?

The color and texture gain depth over a period of many years. Picking up the canister to prepare tea makes you wish that you could be like that, too.

  • Kaikado—tea canisters with functional beauty

    It takes over 130 separate steps to make one of Kaikado’s tea canisters, and every detail bears witness to the meticulous manufacturing and skill of the Kaikado artisans. The surface continues to mature over time as you use your canister, so you participate in the process of creating a unique final product.

  • Double-wall structure and internal lid ensure airtightness

    The canisters have internal lids and a double walled structure with copper on the outside and tin on the inside.The can and lid are designed so that when you put the lid in place and take your hand away, the lid descends slowly of its own accord, as if to complete the engraved Ippodo seal. When all the excess air is expelled, the seal is complete.

  • Tea canisters that mature. Enjoy the changes over time.

    Tinplate is produced by artisans applying a tin coating to steel. This manual process results in each canister having different patterns according to the flow of tin. This is a feature that cannot be seen in mass-produced products, and it gives each canister a unique texture and feel. Over the years, the colour and texture change, and the more the canister is used, the more it comes to fit the user’s hand. After about ten years the colour will be grey, and after twenty or thirty years it will turn black. The patterns from the flow of tin also become clearer over time, and the texture mellows with use.

  • Tin tea canister engraved with Ippodo seal (large size)
  • Box size : W10.7×D9.6× H12.7cm
  • Tea canister :
    - Dimensions:Dia. 9.0× H10.8cm
    - Weight:267g (canister)
    - Capacity:200 g of Ippodo gyokuro, sencha
    - Made in:Japan
  • Note :
    - The canisters are sold without tea. There is no tea in a new canister.
    - If you touch the canister with wet hands, it may develop a rust. This rust is harmless and has no physiological effect.
    * As the canisters are hand-made, production numbers are limited. At times, Ippodo may run out of stock or have to delay shipping.
    * After buying your tea canister, please contact Kaikado directly if you have inquiries about the product, including requests for maintenance or repolishing.
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