• Available from May 12th, while supplies last.

A set combining Japanese tea in season with a meticulously designed and crafted kyusu.

The tea harvest begins in early May, traditionally on the eighty-eighth day of spring, when summer is approaching. This timing is immortalized in a popular song. The flavour of the first leaves to be picked each year is delicious and very special. These leaves are the result of the tea merchant's accumulated efforts.

Who do Ippodo staff give it to?

A newly-married couple beginning their new life together.

  • It Excellent at expressing delicate tastes

    Lightweight, readily following hand movements. This size almost guarantees clear expression of the delicate flavours of gyokuro and sencha.

  • Pours out every last drop

    The kyusu is small, but the strainer inside has a large number of holes. Easily pours out the very last drop and the condensed flavour that it contains.

  • Visibility inside the kyusu is good, making it easy to clean out all the used tea leaves

    The inside of the teapot has a light-coloured glaze. It's easy to see the tea leaves and easy to clean up afterwards.

  • Uji Shincha (104g) Yakishime Kyusu Teapot (Banko-yaki) Set
  • Box size : W22.2×D9.5× H12.9cm
  • Contents :
    - Shincha (104g/ Shelf life: 180 days)
    About Teapot
    - Made in: Mie Prefecture, Japan
    - Capacity: 240 ml
    - Dimensions: Dia.6.5 x H8.0 cm(excl. handle and spout)
    * Capacity and dimensions are approximate.
    * Uniformly crafted with very thin walls, the teapot is particularly light and holds more water than one might guess from looking at it.
    * Each kyusu is handmade, so individual teapots may vary in size and other specifications, and we may occasionally run short on stock.
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