A special set with tea and tea canister both focused on ensuring the flavour of your tea.

Once you open a package of tea, the freshly-opened flavour can easily be lost. To produce a set that would emphasise both the original flavour of the tea, and retain the best flavour after opening, Ippodo chose a tea canister by Kaikado, the only manufacturer in Japan that still makes tea canisters by hand.

Who do Ippodo staff give it to?

Friends reaching a significant new stage in their lives. You can enjoy the process of maturing the canister as you enjoy your teatimes.

  • A set with more than just tea

    The original flavour is not the only factor in preparing good Japanese tea. This set aims to help tea lovers keep their tea fresh as long as possible. When you run out of Hosen, use the canister to keep your favourite tea fresh.

  • Double-wall structure and internal lid ensure airtightness

    Double-wall structure with inner and outer walls as well as an internal lid. The can and lid are designed so that when you put the lid in place and take your hand away, the lid descends slowly of its own accord, as if to complete the engraved Ippodo seal. When all the excess air is expelled, the seal is complete.

  • Tea canisters that mature. Enjoy the changes over time.

    Over the years, the colour and texture change, and the more the canister is used, the more it comes to fit the user’s hand. Enjoy the changes as time goes by. The canister takes between ten and thirty years to mature.

  • Sencha Hosen (100g) Tin tea canister engraved with Ippodo seal (medium size)
  • Box size : W16.9×D8.2× H14.6cm
  • Contents :
    Sencha Hosen
    - Net Weight: 100 grams
    - Shelf Life: 180 days
    Tea canister
    - Size: Dia.7.5 x H8.1 cm
    - Capacity: 100 g of Ippodo gyokuro or sencha
    * Dimensions are approximate.
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