What kind of gift is it?

A gift box containing five different teas that are good to drink as ice-cold tea. The combination of teas provides a lot of variety, ranging from a standard sencha to a sweet green tea and mugicha. Ideal for people who enjoy a variety of teas.

How does it taste?

The aroma that wafts up from Sencha Hosen refreshes both body and mind. Gyokuro Teabags provide ample sweetness, and Gokujo Genmaicha produces the rich aroma of roasted rice. Both teas have a mild aftertaste and can be happily consumed in volume. Uji-Shimizu is a matcha sweetened by mixing with granulated sugar. Mugicha has a wonderful aroma, but leaves only a gentle aftertaste.

How/when to enjoy it?

Gyokuro Teabags and Gokujo Genmaicha have light aftertastes, so they are a good choice at mealtimes. Hosen has a full-bodied aftertaste, so it is a good choice for a tea to drink when relaxing after a meal. Mix Uji-Shimizu with either water or milk when a sweet drink is called for. Mugicha can be made by the jugful so that it's ready for when people are thirsty.

Who do Ippodo staff give it to?

Take it as a contribution to family meet-ups and other occasions involving both children and adults. Teabags and Uji-Shimizu sticks are particularly useful for outdoor events.

  • The deep green box is attractively designed with white foil embossing. It conveys a feeling of warmth that is just right for a gift, and comes with a rich range of textures to tantalize the fingers--smooth, uneven, and rough.

  • The sticker is designed with "Ippodo tea leaves" as the motif, reflecting the fact that it seals the packaging for that special someone's favorite Ippodo teas. A great patchwork of tea leaves!

  • To spice up your Ippodo teatime, the box is decorated with a combination of motifs representing parts from various Ippodo products. If you look closely, you might be able to recognize some of them. Give it a try!

  • Our dream is for everyone to have wonderful teatimes. Read our message when you open the box.

  • Assortment for Making Five Ice-cold Teas
  • Size of Package : W31.0×D10.5× H17.0cm
  • Net Weight :
    - One-Pot Teabag Gyokuro: 42 grams
    - Sencha Hosen: 80 grams
    - Gokujo Genmaicha: 100 grams
    - One-Pot Teabag Mugicha (Barley Tea): 180 grams
    - Uji-Shimizu Sticks: 180 grams
  • Ingredients :
    - Gyokuro and Sencha:Green tea(Japan)
    - Genmaicha:Green tea(Japan), Rosted rice (Japan)
    - Mugicha:Barley(Japan)
    - Uji-Shimizu:Granulated sugar, Green tea(Japan)
  • Shelf Life : 180 days
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