Japanese tea prepared like drip coffee

Konacha is tea in the form of flakes, small fragments of leaves generated during the tea-making process. Tea prepared by dripping water through konacha has the authentic flavours of Japanese tea. Konacha (flakes) is accompanied by a carafe to produce a set able to prepare a lot of tea so that it's ready and available at any time.

Who do Ippodo staff give it to?

People who are always in a rush, and don't have the time to let their tea brew slowly. As soon as the water boils, you can prepare tea in hardly any time at all. That can be a big advantage.

  • Authentic Japanese tea results simply from dripping water through the flakes.

    Prepare tea simply by putting Konacha in a tea strainer and dripping water through it. That's all! To make tea for one, place the strainer directly over a mug. For a large amount of tea, place the strainer over the carafe.

  • Cleaning up is easy too

    Taking care of your utensils is simply a case of quickly washing the strainer and letting it dry. You can prepare tea without having to schedule more than a few moments for washing up.

  • Preparing a large amount of tea quickly

    If you're ever in the situation of wanting to serve tea quickly to more than a few guests, having this set available is extremely useful. With it, you can make tea for everyone very quickly.

  • Enjoy two different types of tea, gyokuro and sencha

    Gyokuro-ko for a perfect level of sweetness, and Sencha-ko for a refreshing, light tea. Make your choice according to how you feel at the time.

  • Carafe & Tea Flakes Set
  • Box size : W31.0×D10.5× H17.0cm
  • Contents :
    - Gyokuro-ko (Flakes): 50 grams
    - Sencha-ko (Flakes): 80 grams
    - Carafe: KINTO Japan (Made in China) x 1
    - Original Ippodo Tea Strainer x 1
    Shelf Life: 180 days
  • About Carafe :
    - Capacity:1L
    - Dimensions:Dia. 5.0× H27.0×W8.5cm
    - Box size: W9.0×D8.8× H28.0cm
    - Manufacturer: KINTO Japan
    - Made in: China
    - Thermal shock resistance: 120℃
    - Dishwasher safe?: Yes
    -Dishwashing detergent OK?: Yes
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