What kind of gift is it?

This set features teas that can be prepared quickly with boiling hot water and have distinctive aromas. It makes a good little gift for someone who drinks Japanese tea on a regular basis or for the office.

How does it taste?

Hojicha, with its light taste but detectable umami flavour, and genmaicha, with its refreshing sharpness, are a good match for any occasion.

How/when to enjoy it?

Make a large batch of tea first thing in the morning on your day off, making multiple pots with the same tea leaves and storing the tea in a jug. Drink it all day long to stay well hydrated, to enjoy with snacks, and to drink with meals.

Who do Ippodo staff give it to?

It makes a good present for people who are making a new start in life or are celebrating a new addition to the family. If there’s room in the budget, adding a Glass Teapot would be a thoughtful touch.

  • Have it during breaks

  • Take it with you on the go

  • Enjoy it while reading

  • Have it as your mealtime tea

  • Gokujo Hojicha (100g) Gokujo Genmaicha (130g) 2-Pack of Large Cans
  • Size of Package : W17.8×D8.6× H20.2cm
  • Net Weight :
    - Hojicha 100 grams
    - Genmaicha 130 grams
  • Ingredients :
    - Hojicha: Green tea(Japan)
    - Genmaicha: Green tea(Japan), Rosted rice (Japan)
  • Shelf Life : 180 days
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