What kind of gift is it?

It's a gift that anyone would treasure. Obukucha is the undisputed standard Japanese tea for the New Year season. Here, it is combined in a set with sencha.

How does it taste?

A contrast between the delightful flavour of Obukucha's special blend of genmaicha and Sencha Shoike-no-o's classical harmony of sharpness and mellowness.

How/when to enjoy it?

Perfect for preparing hot tea at a cold time of the year. When you come in from the cold, drink Obukucha to warm up before doing anything else.

Sencha Shoike-no-o is a good choice for tea when you have guests in or around the New Year, or for when you have the time to relax with your family. Enjoy it all day round.

Who do Ippodo staff give it to?

This is a useful gift set to choose when you're not sure what gift would be appropriate. This is a combination that pleases everyone. Even if you don't know what sort of tea the recipient prefers, this set is likely to be a success. When a friend at a Japanese company is choosing a gift for the boss, this set can be recommended without reservation.

What is Obukucha?

An auspicious tea for celebrating the New Year and driving away any nasty aftertaste from the year before. Its roots go back over a millennium to Kyoto in the Heian Period. The type of tea used for obukucha differs according to the tea merchant's own traditions. Ippodo's Obukucha is a special blend of genmaicha. It uses higher grade green tea leaves and a smaller proportion of roasted rice than our year-round Genmaicha to bring out the flavour of the leaves.

  • Serve it at get-togethers

  • Have it during casual meals

  • While working or studying

  • Have it as your mealtime tea

  • Obukucha (120g) Sencha Shoike-no-o (155g) 2-Pack of Medium Cans
  • Size of Package : W16.7×D8.4× H14.7cm
  • Net Weight :
    - Shoike-no-o 155g grams
    - Obukucha 120g grams
  • Ingredients :
    - Shoike-no-o: Green tea(Japan)
    - Obukucha: Green tea(Japan), Rosted rice (Japan)
  • Shelf Life : 180 days
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