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What kind of gift is it?

This is a set containing three types of Japanese tea with three very different flavours and fragrances. For people who feel that fragrance is the key characteristic of tea, this is the ideal gift.

How does it taste?

Gokujo Hojicha's most salient characteristic is its aroma of roasting. For Gokujo Genmaicha, roasted rice is the main component of its delicious aroma. And shincha's fragrance has a freshness reminiscent of the breezes that blow in Japan in May.

How/when to enjoy it?

Combining the aromas of teas with food aromas is a way of making teatimes even more fun.The verdant fragrance of shincha goes well with the mame gohan dish of rice and green peas, which come into season at about the same time as shincha.

Who do Ippodo staff give it to?

The shincha season coincides with the timing for giving wedding gifts to June brides. The fragrance of shincha seems to carry blessings destined for each young couple as they begin their new life together.

  • Serve it at get-togethers

  • Have it during casual meals

  • While working or studying

  • Have it as your mealtime tea

  • Uji Shincha (104g) Gokujo Hojicha (60g) Gokujo Genmaicha (65g) 3-Pack of Medium Cans
  • Size of Package : W24.9×D8.4× H14.7cm
  • Net Weight :
    - Shincha 104 grams
    - Hojicha 60 grams
    - Genmaicha 65 grams
  • Ingredients :
    - Shincha and Hojicha: Green tea(Japan)
    - Genmaicha: Green tea(Japan), Rosted rice (Japan)
  • Shelf Life :
    - Shincha 150 days
    - Hojicha and Genmaicha 180 days
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