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What kind of gift is it?

Someone who enjoys long, slow teatimes. This is a set suitable for people well-versed in tea, who will appreciate the contrast between these teas.

How does it taste?

Gyokuro Rimpo has mellow umami and an aftertaste that seems to go on forever. Shincha's characteristics are its exhilarating clean flavour and bittersweetness.

How/when to enjoy it?

Choose the tea according to your feelings on any particular day. Gyokuro Rimpo is good for days when you want to relax and chill. Choose shincha at times when you want something to pick you up and refresh you.

Who do Ippodo staff give it to?

The teacher how chooses her utensils according to her feelings on the day, and sees preparing the tea as part of the pleasure of teatime.

  • Anticipate the taste

  • With your favourite sweets

  • Have it with small sweets

  • Relax with tea and snacks

  • Uji Shincha (104g) Gyokuro Rimpo (80g) 2-Pack of Small Cans
  • Size of Package : W14.8×D7.1× H12.6cm
  • Net Weight :
    - Shincha 104 grams
    - Gyokuro Rimpo 80 grams
    Per Serving (1 pot): 10 grams
  • Ingredients : Green tea(Japan)
  • Shelf Life : Shincha 150 days, Rimpo 180 days
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