All you need to start preparing matcha! It makes a wonderful gift!

We created this matcha starter kit in response to feedback from customers who wanted to share with their friends and family the joy of drinking matcha, and were looking for an easy way to get them set up with everything they needed to do so. This set helps to dispel the idea that matcha is hard to prepare because it requires special utensils. It’s not really hard at all. This set puts all the basic essentials required to prepare matcha in one box—except the hot water.

How do Ippodo staff use it?

This set makes a wonderful gift for newcomers to matcha or friends overseas.

  • Everything fits perfectly in the box

    All the basic essentials required to prepare matcha come in the box—just prepare hot or cold water, and you’re ready to go. The box is attractively designed with images of tea utensils and provides basic cushioning, so it makes a good souvenir and can be easily carried around.

  • Includes guide to preparing matcha and using the utensils

    The leaflet provides a clear guide on how to prepare matcha, together with illustrations. It also shows how to clean and store the utensils after using them, so even firstcomers to matcha can use it easily. English instructions are included, so it makes a great gift for people outside Japan.

  • Simple hakeme tea bowl

    The chawan (tea bowl) is the perfect size for drinking matcha. It has a cream colour that highlights the vibrant green colour of matcha and has attractive hakeme-style brushstroke patterns on the outside. Its simple design fits well in any dining setting. Use it to enjoy matcha together with either Japanese or Western confections.

  • Hajime-no-Ippodo Matcha Starter Kit
  • Box size : W19.5×D8.7× H12.9cm
  • Contents :
    - 80-tip Chasen (bamboo whisk) (made in Korea)
    - Chashaku (bamboo tea ladle) (made in Japan)
    - Chawan (tea bowl) (made in Japan)
    - Matcha Ikuyo-no-mukashi 30 g Box (Shelf Life: 180 days)
    - Leaflet: A bilingual Japanese-English guide to preparing matcha and using the utensils.
    - Dishwasher safe?: Yes (Only the chawan)
    -Dishwashing detergent OK?: Yes (Only the chawan)
    - Bleach OK?: No
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