This set combines tea with a handy carafe, making it easy to enjoy Japanese tea with meals.

We created One-Pot Teabags to allow you to enjoy the authentic taste of Japanese tea without needing to use a kyusu teapot. Our carafe was conceived as a way to respond to customer requests for a more convenient way to enjoy Japanese tea at the dining table.

Who do Ippodo staff give it to?

This is a good gift for someone making a new start in life.

  • Enjoy Japanese tea anytime

    Put two teabags in the carafe, and savour gyokuro’s mellow, full-bodied flavour. Or prepare delicious cold-brewed mugicha using one teabag, and enjoy the sweetness and body of barley. This set allows you to enjoy satisfying flavour with ease.

  • Enjoy both hot and cold tea with this heat-resistant carafe

    This handy carafe can hold either hot or cold Japanese tea. It also fits in a refrigerator door pocket.

  • Just the right size, with a design that looks good on the dining table

    A tea jar and flower design appear when the carafe is filled with tea. Make it part of gathering around the table and enjoying a delicious meal with the family.

  • Carafe & One-Pot Teabags Set
  • Box size : W31.0×D10.5× H17.0cm
  • Contents :
    -Gyokuro: 7 grams x 6
    -Mugicha (Barley Tea): 10 grams x 18
    - Carafe: KINTO Japan (Made in China) x 1
    Shelf Life: 180 days
  • About Carafe :
    - Capacity:1L
    - Dimensions:Dia. 5.0× H27.0×W8.5cm
    - Box size: W9.0×D8.8× H28.0cm
    - Manufacturer: KINTO Japan
    - Made in: China
    - Thermal shock resistance: 120℃
    - Dishwasher safe?: Yes
    - Dishwashing detergent OK?: Yes
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