New Release: Drip Tea Bag Black Tea

New Release: Drip Tea Bag Black Tea

We present our new Drip Tea Bag Black Tea, which is only available for a limited quantity, from February 1st.

Just place a Drip Tea Bag over the cup, pour on boiling hot water, then brew in the cup for about one minute, and it’s ready! Drip Tea Bags make delicious tea quick and easy to prepare. Which flavor shall I have today? Where shall I drink it, on my trip, at the office? Enjoy your tea time as you wish!

Drip Tea Bag Black Tea (4g x 6 bags)
[ February 1st ]

 *Limited quantity. Sales will end as soon as the product is gone.

Ippodo black tea is lovingly made, blended using mainly Japanese green tea leaves grown in Kyoto Prefecture. Interestingly, after producing sencha with leaves from the first harvest, we’ve created this black tea with leaves from the second and subsequent harvests from the same tea plants. You will enjoy a flavour that derives from a different way of processing the tea. This black tea has the kind of mild, refined flavour that conforms to Ippodo’s tastes. Due to limited supply, it is only available for a limited time.

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